05 Mar Meat the Alternative at Glendale Foods

Meat the Alternative at Glendale Foods

Glendale Foods have partnered with the brand MTA ‘Meat the Alternative’ – and through a joint venture will be producing a range of meat free soya based products to gain ground in the exciting and very fast growing non-meat eating sector, whether it’s the health conscious looking to reduce their fat and meat intake, vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians!

This newly formed partnership means Glendale can now bridge the gap between meat-based and ‘vegetarian’ dishes. Made from soya this high quality based protein has an excellent nutritional profile, containing no artificial flavourings and preservatives, performing and tasting just like real meat. The current range consists of beef style meatballs, ham deli slices, chicken deli slices, beef style quarter pound burgers, beef style deli slices and beef style mince, with many more lines already through the development stage

Paul Burkitt, Managing Director at Glendale’s commented “These are very exciting times for Glendale we have been looking into this category for some time and believe, the technologies utilised deliver the closest match to meat fibres and tastes we have seen—they are great tasting products with endless recipe options. Not only is it healthy it has a smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. Its our secret ingredient which will take us into a new market sector but also complimenting existing operations. It was an ideal opportunity to join forces especially with our state of the art manufacturing capabilities”

The whole ethos behind ‘Meat the Alternative’ is for people who love meat and aspire to be at the forefront of progressive, contemporary, healthy lifestyles. If people are worried about eating meat or just want to cut down ‘Meat the Alternative’ is a delicious protein alternative.

For the future, Glendale’s chefs are busy in their pilot room creating and developing recipes for tomorrows health-conscious consumer.

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