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Glendale Foods’ extraordinary range of product types is made possible by a dedication to investing in the best equipment available and a wealth of knowledge gathered over 60 years of creating fine food for a variety of markets. Our manufacturing expertise has allowed us to change and adapt to ever changing national and international tastes, as well as develop bespoke ranges for our customers, and our product ranges continue to grow and evolve.

With experience comes dedication, and our chefs are in the relentless pursuit of culinary perfection. A close customer relationship is a huge part of our business ethos, and as a result, we have been able to create some very exciting products in direct partnerships, making sure that we have both knowledge and experience delivering products and services in almost every market. Our enormous versatility never compromises quality.

Cooked Products

Using the latest technology and recently investing in the latest state of the art equipment has enabled Glendale foods to continue providing a selection of innovative and quality cooked products that can be tailored to suit any market sector.

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Snack Products

Street food and snacking provides exciting opportunities for real innovation, both in terms of flavours and product styles. Glendale Foods has long been dedicated to bringing genuine gastronomic pleasure back into busy lifestyles. A snatched half hour lunch break can still be a real pleasure, and our current ranges try to capture that, with wraps, enchiladas, lasagnes, subs, kebabs and grill snacks among our favourite snack products.

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Frozen and Raw Products

With such a versatile range of products, our packaging and distribution lines are equally matched for flexibility. Our snacks, meal components, frozen products and catering services are available for any market. With excellent working relationships in markets from airlines to schools, restaurant groups to wholesalers, pubs to supermarkets, we are sure to be able to cater for businesses of any scale.

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Branded Products

As our innovative, bespoke lines have grown, our two existing brands have developed and expanded too. The Yankee Snacks Brand provides quality microwave snacks for families and people seeking convenience, representing ease, value and taste to compliment all retail cabinet freezers. The Great British Pudding Company’s reputation as a quality provider of suet puddings has grown and grown, providing traditional fillings, which cook to even, consistent perfection; ideal in restaurants, service or wholesale outlets.

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Together we can create the perfect food product