Frozen and Raw Products

Relying upon state of the art production lines, flash freezers and innovative packing lines, our raw and frozen product lines are the cornerstone of our business. Specialising in sausages, meatballs, burgers and grills, adapting seasoning and styles for specific markets, our famous meat products are known worldwide, bringing the British sausage to new markets.

Sausages and Meatballs

Here at Glendale we can produce a wide range of different sized raw sausages and meatballs, perfect for use in a casserole or as part of a toad in the hole, great to control stock, wastage and also portion control.


We have a state of the art multi-head weigher which is capable of packing sausages and meatballs into foodservice and retail printed foil bags using the “form, fill and seal” technique. We can produce sausages ranging in weights from 10g – 80g and various diameters. We also have the capability to coin, slice, half, plank and batton our cooked sausages and we can develop an unlimited variety of flavoured sausages from a traditional Lincolnshire right through to a Spicy Chorizo Style Sausage. We can also create a range of textured sausages from a coarse to a very fine close knit texture.


We can produce various weight and diameters of raw burgers, perfect for wholesale and foodservice customers who want a product they can cook themselves. The Burgers are IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) which means it is perfect for portion control and you only use what you need with very little wastage. We can work closely with your NPD team or chefs to develop the perfect product for your customers. We can produce burgers in a range of sizes from 20g to 170g (6oz), and using a range of proteins such as Beef or Lamb.

Together we can create the perfect food product