Catering to your specific market requirements


Glendale Foods are dedicated to changing, adapting and evolving with tastes and trends. Our passion for development has seen the company change from a family butcher to a producer of fine meat products, to an innovative, passionate food manufacturer. Over the last year, we have further invested in our manufacturing capabilities, as well as our product development centre, allowing us to work closely with a range of key clients and market sectors. Our pride comes from our quality, and our ability to deliver it in a wealth of varieties to a wealth of industries.

Airline and Travel

For over thirty years, since the acquisition of the international Yankee Brand, we have supplied the airline and travel industry with hot and cold hand held snacks; accounting for over 14 million units per year. There are three essential elements to a travel snack; it must be easy to uniformly re-heat, it must be mess free and fully contained, and, vitally, it must meet the high standards of airline passengers. We produce, pack and package hot and cold hand held snacks, with the ability to packing into an almost limitless number of packaging sizes, styles and functions, including heat-in packaging, which creates an even, consistent heating function, while insulating hands and providing a quick, effortless tidy.

Food Manufacturing and Industry

The right experience mixed with the right manufacturing capabilities means that we can tailor any product to your specific requirements and the markets specific tastes. Having worked closely with a range of food manufacturing New Product Development (NPD) teams, and invested heavily in our own NPD department, we are leading the way in innovative foods. Whether for a bespoke menu or a nationwide distribution, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver our full ready meals or specialist ingredients, from mini meatballs for pizzas to sliced sausage for sandwiches.

Retailers and Wholesale

Over the years, many of our own label and branded products have become household favourites. We provide a range of products to national retailers and wholesalers including Lidl, Iceland and Yearsleys, helping them develop their ranges of sausages, suet puddings, microwave meals and hand held snacking items. Our multi-faceted packing facilities mean that we can individually wrap, create printed cartons, metallic laminated pouches or create CPET trays, as well as wholesale package, meaning that we are perfectly positioned to serve retailers and wholesalers, large or small.

Food Service

Quality and taste are the cornerstones of what we do. This is especially important in our restaurant and pub customers, whose reputations rely upon the serving of delicious, engaging foods. Our high quality, high meat content savouries, including raw meatballs, dumplings, baked savoury puddings and sausages can be cooked direct from frozen, and given a smoky, aromatic flavour across a grill. Our restaurant and pub creations both capture the eye, and the taste buds, forming the basis for a fine dining experience.

Cost Sector – Education, Universities, Hospitals, Private Care Homes, Prison Service and Healthcare

Our products are suitable for a wide range of high volume catering services from schools to hospitals. Providing meals that cater for almost any specific dietary or religious requirements, and that appeal to diverse cultural palettes. It is important that you can trust our products to be of the highest quality, and meet all nutritional targets, as well as your commercial targets and culinary aspirations. Packaged on site, and in various potential pack sizes, we ensure that the storage, preparation and cooking of all of our meals is easy, economical and practical.


Our quality approach to English classics has meant that they are exciting tastes abroad. By integrating the highest quality ingredients, international tastes and classic British recipes, we have created favourites for every national pallet. Our success in international markets has built upon a wide logistical network, has meant that we are, among other claims, the largest supplier of sausages to Spain!

Together we can create the perfect food product