Cooked Products

Using the latest technology and recently investing in the latest state of the art equipment has enabled Glendale foods to continue providing a selection of innovative and quality cooked products that can be tailored to suit any market sector.

Whether you need to follow various regulations or just pack in that extra flavour all of our cooked products recipes can be adjusted to ensure you are not only receiving the best possible product, but also something that can be made unique to your company.

Cooked Meatballs

Using the latest technology we produce cooked meatballs in a range of sizes and weights, which enables us to cater to your exact requirements. Our meatballs can be made in a range of weights from 4g -50g and unlike other manufactures once formed and cooked, our meatballs are round in shape which is very unique to see. Our small meatballs are great stirred through Spicy Tomato Pasta or can be used as part of a Meatball Marinara Sub Roll. We use high quality British Beef and can season them to whichever flavour you desire.

Cooked Sausages

We can produce sausages ranging in weights from 10g – 80g and various diameters. We also have the capability to coin, slice, half, plank and batton our cooked sausages. We can develop an unlimited variety of flavoured sausages from a traditional Lincolnshire right through to a Spicy Chorizo Style Sausage. We can also create a range of textured sausages from a coarse to a very fine close knit texture. Our sausages are delicious served as part of a hearty meal with mashed potatoes and rich red onion gravy.

Cooked Stuffing Balls, Logs and Cheddar Cheese Cobblers

Our delicious Cheddar Cheese Cobblers are the perfect accompaniment to a Casserole or Stew. Our traditional recipe is baked through state of the art ovens to create a delicious crisp baked product, perfect for that hearty, comforting meal. Our Cooked stuffing balls and logs are ideal for the sandwich market and can be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Cooked Dumplings

Glendale foods’ multiple production lines enables us to produce a wide range of cooked dumplings ranging in sizes, weights and flavours. Using traditional recipes, the dumplings are great in a hearty beef stew or as part of a succulent chicken casserole.

Cooked Burgers, Sliders and Grills

We can produce a range of cooked burgers and grills ranging in shapes, sizes and weights. We use a state of the art multi zone oven, which is one of the largest in the country! Our oven is capable of steam cooking, dry heat and flame grilling, we can also use numerous cooking methods on the same product, for example a dry cooked and flame grilled burger. This latest technology can add a bar-marked effect to the burgers and grills, giving them an authentic char grilled appearance and adding a subtle smokey flavour. The cooked burgers are great served in a fresh brioche roll with cooked streaky bacon and melted cheese – makes for a delicious snack or lunch!

Together we can create the perfect food product