16 Aug Glendale Foods Accepted into BFFF!

Glendale Foods Accepted into BFFF!

We are delighted to announce Glendale Foods have recently become a member of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), the UK’s frozen food trade association. The BFFF has over 300 members from across the industry with complete access to the cold food chain supply.

Being a part of the BFFF allows us to do better business and offer better products to our loyal customer base. Our new membership has gained us access to BFFF-run promotional campaigns and research that will help us to keep creating new products. We also have gained access to the BFFF’s legally backed technical and health & safety advice, which will help us to continue performing at a top level. Finally, with access to exclusive BFFF events, we can stay on top of the latest innovative cold food trends, the benefits of which will be delivered straight to our customers.

“Becoming a member of BFFF has been a huge step for us,” says Managing Director Paul Burkitt. “With access to new information and new influences, [Glendale Foods] aim to perform at an even higher standard. We have a lot to be proud of.”

Check us out on the BFFF’s site.

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