Branded Products

Glendale Foods have two flagship branded products, the Yankee Brand, which specialises in microwave snacks, burgers and grilling ribs. Originally created by Campbell’s to compete with Glendale’s own Hot Ones, and subsequently acquired by Glendale, the Yankee Brand is a convenience, family orientated range, with a number of straight from frozen family favourites, in both full meal and snack form. The Yankee Brand represents a broad offering of convenient quality.

The Great British Pudding Company are famous for the hand baked, traditional British suet puddings that give the brand its name. Microwaves in 6 minutes, the puddings, which include every traditional British filling, are hand baked and blast frozen on site, giving the ideal steam flavour every time, perfect for both food service and wholesale operations. Quality is key to the success of the Great British Pudding Company’s success, and we use the best quality of ingredient to ensure that the famous reputation is never allowed to relax.


The Yankee Snacks Brand has brought you a range of tasty and quality convenience snacks suitable for the whole family. The range offers the flexibility of microwave or oven cooking from frozen. The Yankee range features a great selection of frozen snacks that are favourites with customers, offering quality and real value for money.


Yankee Snacks offers total convenience in attractive and informative packaging all aimed at the ‘call order’ retail and wholesale markets. Yankee Snacks offer an ideal solution in retail cabinet freezers, catering kitchens, 24-hour canteen environments or any outlet seeking a quality product combined with a variety of choice.


The Great British Pudding Company

The Great British Pudding Company brand provides a range of hand baked and generous 370gm puddings that are made in a traditional style with several classic fillings. The line offers great convenience and consistency as all orders are pre-baked and blast frozen to provide an authentic, call order steam pudding every time. The puddings are perfectly suited to the food-service and wholesale market environment. And because each pudding is hand baked, rather than steamed, it has a crisp, light suet pastry case that just melts in the mouth. From frozen, just reheat each pudding in the microwave for around 6 minutes for a fantastic, home-made appearance and without compromising on quality.



Wrapsters is our fantastic new own brand that fits into our Yankee Range. Wrapsters are available in an array of flavoursome fillings such as Chicken Fajita, Chicken Tikka, BBQ Pulled Pork, Sweet Chilli Chicken and Italian meatball, all wrapped in a fresh tortilla.


These are a perfect hand held snack product or ‘on to go’ lunchtime option that come in a handy tear strip box, allowing the wraps to be microwaved in less than 3 minutes whilst still staying crisp and tasty.


Hot Ones

Hot Ones is our newest brand, catering to those who crave a quick and easy hot snack. Our Hot Ones are simple to prepare – just heat in the microwave or oven cook from frozen. The range offers plenty of selection, from burgers to kebabs, allowing for a variety of palates to enjoy the food on offer, all at an excellent price.


Hot Ones offer the convenience of speedy cooking and can be made available in retail cabinet freezers, catering kitchens, 24-hour canteens, or any other outlet that chooses to cater to this market. The snacks are packaged in eye-catching packaging for optimal attraction of customers. From appearance to taste, Hot Ones purely deliver quality.

Meat the Alternative

MTA ‘Meat the Alternative’ – a new range of meat free products to gain ground in the exciting and very fast growing non-meat eating sector, suitable for the health conscious looking to reduce their fat and meat intake, vegans, vegetarians or flexitarians!


Made from soya, this high quality based protein has an excellent nutritional profile, containing no artificial flavourings and preservatives, performing and tasting just like real meat. The current range consists of beef style meatballs, ham deli slices, chicken deli slices, beef style quarter pound burgers, beef style deli slices and beef style mince, with many more lines already through the development stage.


Pendleton Sausages

Pendleton Sausages bring you tantalisingly tasty British sausages the whole family will love. With a traditional taste and succulent texture, these seasoned pork sausages are a real crowd-pleaser, keeping ingredients simple for maximum taste and quality.


Available in chilled or frozen, they’re perfectly suited to all kinds of retail environments. In frozen, they can be packaged in 600g to 950g packs, offering flexibility to retailers to choose an option that best suits their customers. The classic and versatile Pendleton Sausage is the ideal addition to your breakfast, barbecue or bangers and mash.

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Branded Products