27 Jan “Meat Free Market Is Booming” according to Ed Khade-Bridges, NPDM, Glendale Foods

Whilst restaurants are eating the seasons the high street is all about Veganuary. Is it still a fad? What are the people saying? The UK plant based market is worth £443m, 7m people having switched to a vegetarian diet and 25% of millennials are either vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian.

The meat free market is booming yet 39% of people say that vegan meals are boring, and 41% saying they are overpriced. Glendale are currently looking to help manufacturers target the demand of the market with the quality they desire. Plant based breakfast options, Lincolnshire style Pea Protein sausages, Swedish Style Soya Balls, Hoi Sin Pulled Duck Style Soya, Pulled Tikka Chicken Style Wraps, Chorizo Style soya mince and a new gluten free plant based mince are all components in our customers growing range of meat free options.

The expected growth to £1.1 Billion by 2023 of the meat free market means it’s safe to say that meat alternatives here to stay. No more is the meat free option the last resort but instead is becoming the preference by the consumer. The recent PSC100 meeting at the house of commons highlighted that “young people expect to have plant based choices on their menu”. In NPD we are developing exciting new flexitarian, Vegan friendly and meat replacement products suitable for a wide range of consumers, get in touch to see what you’re missing.

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